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Certified Organic

Organic Essential Oils

These certified organic essential oils have all been sourced from partners who maintain the strict standards required to protect the environment and deliver products that can make you feel great, in more ways than one. At Bulk Apothecary, you can find a wide range of oils that have been certified by Oregon Tilth, an organization that has a strong reputation in the industry.

What Makes Essential Oils Organic?

In order to label a product “organic,” it must meet several regulations. For example, they cannot use synthetic substances or ingredients, certain pesticides/herbicides, or non-organic fertilizers. They cannot come into contact with ionizing radiation, sewage sludge, and additives that are known to be potentially harmful. The producer cannot use any GMO seeds or any ingredients containing GMOs. Even the ground on which these plants are grown must meet certain conditions. (The complete list of requirements can be found here.)

Many of our pure, therapeutic essential oils are certified organic, and we even offer some starter kits that fit into this category, which is why we are one of the nation’s largest stock suppliers of high-quality, certified oils. We are committed to organic production because it helps care for the soil, reduces groundwater pollution, and contributes to biodiversity. When you choose to purchase organic essential oils, it’s critical to chose a supplier that has a strong reputation and a history as a trustworthy partner.

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