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Private Label Bath Bomb Supplier 

Bulk Apothecary has a proven record of producing some of the highest quality bath products on the market and this has included a full line of custom bath bombs.  Now, in addition to custom bath bomb manufacturing services, we have a complete line of products below that are in-stock and ready to ship.  This allows you to simply buy our premium bath bombs and package them under your own brand without the hassles or lengthy lead times.  
We have been serving the industry since 2010, providing services to private label brands, spas, hotels and Amazon entrepreneurs in the USA and abroad and our quality is unmatched.  We use the finest ingredients available, natural and organic oils and effective active and natural preservatives.  It is our goal to meet the highest standards of the personal care industry. It is also important to note that all of our products are hand-made in the USA by trained artisans. 

We currently have a completely dedicated 25,000 SQ FT bath bomb manufacturing center that is capable of manufacturing well over 10,000 bath bombs / shift.  We can also provide custom designed bath bombs with minimum orders of only 500 units.