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Bulk Apothecary has over 200,000 independent retailers shopping our website on a regular basis and we're using that traffic to launch our new Boutsy marketplace.  These retailers include salons, spas, gift stores, mall kiosks, health stores, craft show vendors, coffee shops, hotel gift shops and other specialty boutiques.  

Selling on our marketplace is simple, effective and inexpensive.  Eligible products include, jewelry, apparel, toys, decor, beauty, home goods, gifts, stationery and so much more.  

How much does it cost?  We charge a set 15% commission for any sale we send you.  Go to Boutsy now to become a seller.


Our new Boutsy Marketplace offers wholesale products from unique artisan brands that you can sell in your retail location through our new Boutsy wholesale marketplace.  We accept reseller applications from craft show sellers, specialty boutiques, coffee shops, book stores, mall kiosks, gift shops, salons, spas and so much more.

We keep it simple.  We know your time is valuable and spending thousands traveling to trade shows is not efficient.  To help, we've put thousands of amazing brands all in one place.  

It costs you nothing?  Simply sign up for a wholesale account  at Boutsy.com (restrictions apply) and shop amazing brands at true wholesale prices (50% off retail).  The best part is you can apply for 180 day financing thru our partnership with Paypal Credit.



We're currently on-boarding unique brands and qualified wholesale resellers so please be patient. The response has been WAY BETTER than expected and we have over 1,500 unique brands with over 250,000 amazing wholesale products. 
Go to www.Boutsy.com now to become a seller or wholesale buyer.


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