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Pretty Dreams Diffuser Blend

There’s nothing like a delightful diffuser blend to carry you off into a peaceful sleep πŸ˜΄πŸŒƒβœ¨

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Melt and Pour 101: Additives & Botanicals

Additives & Botanicals in Melt and Pour Soap Thank you for joining us again this Saturday for some melt and…

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DIY Coffee-Infused Body Butter

Did you know coffee can be a powerful ingredient in your personal care products? Check out the luxurious benefits for…

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Romantic Evening Diffuser Blend

Love is in the air with this diffuser blend! 😍 This sultry blend is sure to please.Β πŸ’–

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Melt and Pour 101: Fragrance & Essential Oils

Fragrance & Essential Oils in Melt and Pour Soap I have been very much looking forward to writing this post…

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Love Birds Diffuser Blend

Another delightful diffuser blend for you today! πŸ¦β£οΈπŸ¦

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Love is in the Air Diffuser Blend

Here’s a diffuser recipe to enjoy with your sweetie ❀️

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Melt and Pour 101: Colorants

Melt and Pour Soap Colorants Last week we discussed choosing a soap base and today I wanted to dive into…

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Bulk Apothecary’s Top Ten Bestselling Fragrances

You asked and we listened! Many of our customers inquire about our best selling fragrance oils, and for great reason….

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Melt and Pour 101: Choosing a Soap Base

Base Breakdown With over 30 melt and pour soap bases to choose from, there is a lot of variety for…

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Mulberry Mosaic Soap

Introduction What a blizzard we faced here in the Midwest! Cleveland, Ohio saw snow accumulations of upwards of 18 inches!…

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Melt and Pour 101: Introduction

This beginner-focused blog series, Melt and Pour 101, will focus on the very basics of melt and pour soapmaking.

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The History of Soap

Who thought of soap? Where did it come from? How is it made? How exactly does it work? Sure, we know that soap will get the dirt off your body, but how does it do that? We’ve got answers.

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Painted Christmas Tree Soaps

Getting Started Christmas is just around the corner! Can you believe how time flies? I wanted to share with you…

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Hobby to Business Series: Craft Show Season

Preface Craft show season is once again upon us, providing the perfect venue for Artisans to get out in the…

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Hobby to Business Series: Where to Sell Your Product

Where to Sell Your Product Finding a place to sell your handmade goods can seem overwhelming if you’re not sure…