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Essential Oil Bags

Essential Oil Carrying Cases

These essential oil cases are simple and effective tools that make it easy to transport your favorite oils (or your entire collection) wherever you go. Whether you’re looking for a solution for yourself or adding these accessories to your inventory, you can get everything you need right here.

Get the Right Essential Oil Case

We have a wide variety of options for your essential oil bags and cases. You can purchase them in single units or buy in bulk to save even more on your total costs. Many of your clients will need a reliable carrying case to protect their products as they travel, and you can provide the options they need.

These bags are made of soft, padded cloth that separates and protects each bottle. You can get some bright and sporty designs or go for the sleek and elegant look. There’s something here for everyone, including a faux brown leather carrying case. These bags can hold anywhere from 10 to 64 essential oils, and some of them have some extra space for all the accessories and business cards. Explore our selection and place your order today.