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Pure Grade Fragrance Oils

So what makes our fragrances different from the competition?  Well, 1 - .5oz bottle of our Premium Grade fragrance oils can fragrance an entire 1 gallon of lotion, shampoo, body mist etc.  In many cases, our competitors need 1oz. to 3 oz.'s to scent the same gallon of unscented lotion base.  This means you need almost 2 - 6 times as much of the competitors fragrance oil to get the same effect!

Quick Tip: Our fragrance oils are much stronger than the competition. If you want to put them in a roll-on and sell them as body fragrances, we recommend diluting them with fractionated coconut oil or propylene glycol. A 10:1 Base : Fragrance should be more than desired for any of our fragrances.

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