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Valentine's Day Fragrance Oil Collection

Valentine's Day Fragrance Oil Collection
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Valentine's Day Fragrance Oil Collection

contains one 10ml bottle ofthe following:

Amber RomanceWarm amber blended with an alluring medley of black cherry, vanilla and sandlalwood.

Fresh LinenA sunny scent- crisp and clean like sheets dried on the clothes line.

Love SpellEmbrace your romantic side with this lovely soft berry scent. Impossible not to fall for, this light, powdery scent.

JasmineA classic jasmine. Top notes of muguet, floral apple, and a touch of grape. Jasmine and rose at the middle. Musk and woody notes make up the base. 

Monkey FartsFruity and fun scent with top notes of pineapple middle notes of apples and ripe banana with a smooth vanilla base.

White Chocolate CherryThe aroma of sweet maraschino cherries smothered in milk chocolate, with a sweet undertone of vanilla and nuts.