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Woodsman Fragrance Oil Collection

Woodsman Fragrance Oil Collection
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Woodsman Fragrance Oil Collection

Venture into the heart of the forest with our Woodsman Fragrance Oil Collection. Each scent is a homage to the rugged outdoors, blending warm spices, rich woods, and the crispness of autumn air, perfect for those who carry the spirit of the wilderness.

Contains 1 10ml bottle of each the following:

  • Apples & Maple Bourbon: A warm, inviting blend of ripe apples and caramelized sugar, enhanced with notes of orange, bourbon, and maple, reminiscent of a woodsman's harvest.
  • Hickory And Suede: A sophisticated mix of vanilla and suede, enriched with woody notes of hickory, creating a scent that's both smooth and robust, like a seasoned woodsman.
  • Whiskey Reserve: Bright citrus notes introduce a whiskey accord, settling into a woody, smoky, musky base, evoking the spirit of a woodsman's reserve.
  • Classic Flannel: The crispness of bergamot, the heart of lavandin, and the warm embrace of patchouli, amber, and musk, reminiscent of a woodsman's comforting attire.
  • Teakwood: A zesty lime and ozone opening, transitioning to a heart of greenness and lavender, finishing in a warm embrace of sandalwood and amber, like a woodsman's touch.
  • White Birch Leaves: Fresh cut pine layered with lemon peel, sweet berries, and a hint of spice, capturing the essence of white birch leaves in a woodsman's forest.