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Marine Serenity Fragrance Oil Collection

Marine Serenity Fragrance Oil Collection
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Marine Serenity Fragrance Oil Collection

Dive into the tranquil depths of our Marine Serenity Fragrance Oil Collection. Inspired by the serene beauty of waterfalls and the ocean's vast expanse, each scent is a tribute to the soothing power of water and nature's tranquil moments.

Contains 1 10ml bottle of each the following:

  • Brazilian Waterfall: A fresh, watery floral blend with sharp notes of water lily and jasmine, sweetened with peach and vanilla, reminiscent of Brazil's serene waterfalls.
  • Whitewater Rush: A masculine scent with racing water notes, complemented by lemon peel and bergamot, finished with a woody musk base, inspired by Bath and Body Works.
  • Beachwood: Oceanic notes mixed with tropical fruits and floral elegance, grounded in warm, dry woods, musk, and amber, capturing the essence of a beachside forest.
  • Sel De Mer: Dive into marine freshness, kissed by soft florals, and embraced by the soothing musk, reminiscent of the serene sea salt air.
  • Sea Salt And Lily: A breezy blend of lime and magnolia, diving into a heart of florals, ending with the soothing embrace of musk, capturing the tranquility of the seaside.
  • Himalayan Bamboo: A refreshing mix of marine notes and rich bamboo, complemented by hyacinth and jasmine, grounded in earthy bamboo accords, reminiscent of the Himalayan wilderness.