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TitanWax ParaBlend 5875 Paraffin Container Candle Wax

TitanWax ParaBlend 5875 Paraffin Container Candle Wax
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TitanWax ParaBlend 5875

This is not your average paraffin wax. It's a high-performing all-paraffin blend specially engineered for excellence.

TitanWax ParaBlend 5875 provides superior performance with its smooth, even burn and high-quality construction. What sets it apart is its excellent glass adhesion - an essential feature for creating beautiful, clear container candles. It maintains an immaculate appearance while delivering a consistent, clean burn every time.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast crafting homemade candles or a professional candle maker looking to enhance your product line, the TitanWax ParaBlend 5875 is designed to meet your highest expectations. Choose it for its high performance, versatility, and the stunning visual appeal it lends to your final product.

Shop with us at Bulk Apothecary, and experience the remarkable quality and performance of TitanWax ParaBlend 5875 today. We’re committed to providing only the highest quality products to our valued customers, and this premier paraffin wax is no exception. Ignite your creativity with TitanWax ParaBlend 5875, and let your candle creations truly shine!

Test UOM Description Min Max Typical
API GRAVITY   32.0 48.0 36.6
POUNDS PER GALLON @ 60°F lb/gal     7.004
COLOR, SAYBOLT   14   14
VISCOSITY @ 210°F SUS 48.0 55.0 49.5
FLASH POINT °F 380   410
MELTING POINT °F 134.0 148.0 141.7
MELTING POINT °C 56.6 64.4 60.9
OIL CONTENT % 0.80 3.00 1.22
PENETRATION @ 77°F   110.0 140.0 106.0
CONGEALING POINT °F 120.0  140.0 130.0