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Vybar™ 260 Polymer

Vybar™ 103 Polymer
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Vybar™ 260 Polymer

Enhance the quality of your paraffin wax candles with Vybar™ 260 Polymer! This high-quality polymer provides numerous benefits that enhance the overall appearance and performance of your candles. Our Vybar™ 260 Polymer is designed for use in paraffin-wax candles with melt points less than 136°F [58°C].

Benefits of using Vybar™ 260 Polymer include:

  • Increases fragrance load capacity, allowing for stronger, longer-lasting scents.
  • Improves opacity and color vibrancy for more aesthetically pleasing candles.
  • Enhances hardness and reduces mottling for a smoother surface finish.
  • Minimizes cracking and improves burn time for longer-lasting candles.
  • Increases compatibility with dyes and other additives, allowing for greater flexibility in candle-making.

To use Vybar™ 260 Polymer, simply add it to your melted candle wax at a ratio of 1% to 3%. Stir thoroughly until the polymer has completely melted and is evenly distributed throughout the wax. Then, proceed with pouring your candles as usual.

At Bulk Apothecary, we offer Vybar™ 260 Polymer in various sizes to meet your needs. Buy now and experience the benefits of this high-quality polymer additive in your candle making today!