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Vybar™ 103 Polymer

Vybar™ 103 Polymer
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Vybar™ 103 Polymer

Bulk Apothecary is proud to offer Vybar™ 103 Polymer as an essential ingredient for creating high-quality candles. Vybar™ 103 Polymer is a candle making additive that improves the properties of candle wax by increasing the opacity, reducing mottling, and enhancing fragrance retention. This polymer is specifically designed for use in paraffin-wax candles with melt points higher than 136°F [58°C].

Benefits of using Vybar™ 103 Polymer:

  • Improves fragrance retention
  • Enhances opacity and whiteness
  • Increases candle hardness and surface gloss
  • Extends burn time and reduces wax consumption
  • Improves mold release and reduces surface mottling
  • Compatible with a wide range of waxes

To use Vybar™ 130 Polymer, simply add it to your melted candle wax at a ratio of 1% to 3%. Stir thoroughly until the polymer has completely melted and is evenly distributed throughout the wax. Then, proceed with pouring your candles as usual.

With Vybar™ 103 Polymer, you can create candles that burn brighter and last longer. Our polymer is easy to use, and you can expect consistent results every time you use it. Order your supply of Vybar™ 103 Polymer today and take your candle-making game to the next level.