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TitanWax ParaBlend 5050 Paraffin Blend Candle Wax

TitanWax ParaBlend 5050 Paraffin Blend Candle Wax
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TitanWax ParaBlend 5050

TitanWax ParaBlend 5050 is an exceptional paraffin wax, characterized by its lower melt property that allows for a smoother, consistent melt pool. This enhances its performance in creating a cleaner and more even burn. Well-suited for core or votive candles, it is an excellent choice for candle enthusiasts who seek to create their unique ambience with a professional touch.

Our ParaBlend 5050 stands out with its incredible "throw", meaning it effortlessly disperses its fragrance throughout the room, creating a pleasing and long-lasting scent experience. This attribute makes it the go-to wax for scented candles, maximizing the delivery of your chosen fragrances.

Additionally, the versatility of TitanWax ParaBlend 5050 extends beyond standalone use. Often employed as a critical component in creating wax blends, it allows you to explore the art of candle making in its fullness, by providing the opportunity to combine it with other waxes to achieve desired textures, appearance, and burning characteristics.

Explore our product range today, and let Bulk Apothecary fuel your passion for crafting high-quality, bespoke candles with our superior TitanWax ParaBlend 5050.

Test UOM Description Min Max Typical
API GRAVITY   41.0 45.0 44.3
POUNDS PER GALLON @ 60°F lb/gal     6.715
COLOR, SAYBOLT   26   26
VISCOSITY @ 210°F SUS 35.0 42.0 36.7
FLASH POINT °F 380   410
MELTING POINT °F 120.0 127.0 121.4
MELTING POINT °C 48.9 52.8 49.8
OIL CONTENT % 0.80 3.00 1.22
PENETRATION @ 77°F   20.0 70.0 28.0
FDA 21 CFR 172.886 FDA PASS   PASS