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Wooden Wick Booster 1/2 "x 5" - Bag of 25

Wooden Wick Booster 1/2 "x 5"  - Bag of 25
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Wooden Wick Booster 1/2" x 5" (BWW-2)

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This candle wick features a 0.5mm x 0.76mm wooden core to eliminate the need for double-wicking. Ideal for vegetable wax blends and beeswax, this wick performs best in a container with a diameter of 3” - 3.5”. This wick’s inner core aids in the capillary action needed to sustain a proper burn.

Suggested container diameter: 3 in. - 3.5 in.
5” long x 1/2” wide with a 0.5mm x 0.8mm booster core
Ideal for vegetable wax blends and beeswax candles
Works well in candles with heavy fragrance loads
Produces a more vertical flame

Note: We suggest conducting a candle wick burn test to ensure your candle will burn properly. Burn tests are beneficial in helping you determine the proper wick size. Wick performance may also be affected by factors such as wax type, container shape, color, and fragrance load.