Marshmallow Root Powder

Marshmallow Root Powder
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Marshmallow Root Powder

Botanical Name:

Althaea officinalis

The Marshmallow herb is a perennial species which stays alive for indefinite time which is generally more than most of the herbs. The herb originated in Africa and has been used as medicinal treatment and ornamental purposes as well. Marshmallow root powder is derived from the roots of Marshmallow herb which is full of medicinal benefits. The roots are perennial and very tough. It has healing properties and thus used so widely. The roots, leaves and flowers all have medicinal benefits.

Marshmallow is used for the treatment of various disorders and diseases. It treats throat, mouth and gastric ulcers if you use it as a gargle. It also helps to reduce the irritation of mucous membrane. Also the extracts of flowers are used to cure hyperlipidemia, gastric ulcers and platelet aggregation. Whereas the extract of roots are eaten as snack in the middle-east countries.