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Licorice Root Powder

Licorice Root Powder
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Licorice Root Powder

Botanical Name:

Glycyrrhiza glabra


This herb is the native of Europe and is also grown in Greece and Asia.The herb is found in all the convenient forms which ensure a healthy life. This herb enhances your healing quality and keeps you away from fatal injuries. This root is also commonly known as sweet root, Glycyrrhiza, Gan cao, Radix Liquiritiae. The root powder is available in natural as well as organic form. The intake depends upon how the individual is prescribed to.


Before any kind of intake or usage, one must consult a qualified health expert as in case of overdose, it may have adverse affects on the body. Pregnant and nursing are the times when you are advised not to take this herb. Licorice root powder counter-attacks hypertension, liver and kidney disorders. Also it is a good remedy for hypokalemia.