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Lip Balm Filling Trays

lip balm filling tray
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Lip Balm Filling Tray

The ultimate solution to effortless lip balm creation! This handy tray is specifically designed to make filling our standard lip balm tubes a breeze, with the capacity to hold up to 50 tubes at a time. Say goodbye to messy spills and uneven filling - our Lip Balm Filling Tray comes complete with a convenient spatula, ensuring a smooth and even distribution of your lip balm mixture every time.

Please note that while our Lip Balm Filling Tray is specifically designed for use with our stock lip balm tubes, it may also be compatible with other styles of tubes, although we recommend testing first to ensure a perfect fit. Please note that clearance tubes may or may not be compatible with these trays, as they may come from different suppliers.

Invest in our Lip Balm Filling Tray for a seamless and hassle-free lip balm filling experience, and enjoy perfectly filled tubes every time!

74 Reviews

  • 3
    Lip balm filling tray

    Posted by Sonya on 22nd Aug 2019

    I have been using my trays for a bit, but just now felt inclined to give a review. The trays could significantly be improved if the center hole was the correct size. It is too big (slightly bigger than the end of the tube), and therefore when you pour the oils over the tray, it leaks through and causes a mess. The only way I've been able to somewhat avoid this is to put a piece of tape across it, which is really not a satisfactory way to do it and is not a permanent fix. I am curious how other people handle this. Other than that, the trays work fine.

  • 3
    design change

    Posted by marcia c mcchrystal on 5th Apr 2019

    I had to buy these trays since the tube supplier changed. These newer ones are not as solid, they bend in the dishwasher, and unlike the old ones, they fill the tubes to the exact edge, while I prefered to have a little lip of lip balm sticking up over the edge of the tube. Also the center hole is a weird shape, and doesnt fit a tube correctly. Now that I have switched over, Bulk apothecary is often out of the tubes, and I am scared to order from a different supplier in case they don't fit the newer trays. annoying

  • 5
    Works well

    Posted by Jenn on 1st Dec 2018

    This seems to work well making the lip balms. I certainly save myself from a mess. I bought the bulk Apothecary brand lip balm tubes and have not had a problem. This comes with a spatula to scrape off the excess balm from the top, but it is a little inconvenient to use as you can't get into small areas easily.

  • 5
    Good Quality - What I Expected

    Posted by Victoria on 10th Nov 2018

    This is the second one I have ordered. I use them to make lip balms in bulk for my business, and they are great and super helpful! I order them along with the lip balm tubes Bulk Apothecary sells. They fit well. I also like that I can scrape the extra off the top and use it, so I don't waste any product.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Barbara Baxley on 23rd Oct 2018

    So much more efficient than the silicone trays I've used previously. Keeps the tubes in place, came with a scraper and is much easier to work with. I highly recommend this item.

  • 5
    Best piece of equipment!

    Posted by Amita on 6th Jul 2018

    I was really blown away with how fast i made 100 lip balms since i bought two. The only flaw is that middle circle on the rack. You have to really make sure it’s tightly on the hole, because they are open spaces in that whole. Looks like a production flaw due to being in both of my racks. Besides that, there is absolutely NO spillage! I promise you. Great investment! Thank you!

  • 5

    Posted by Perrine on 18th May 2018

    Very convenient and so easy to clean!

  • 4
    Tray works well!

    Posted by Joyce C Carroll on 17th May 2018

    This tray makes it easier to fill the tubes with less spillage. Clean up is easy with the spatula that comes with it. Unfortunately my other tubes from elsewhere do not fit in this tray.

  • 5
    Awesome tray

    Posted by Patricia on 18th Feb 2018

    I love this tray makes filling my tubes so easy. I was always spilling the liquid down the sides of the tube. This keeps everything nice and neat.