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Linden Leaves

Linden Leaves
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Linden Leaf

Botanical Name:

Tilia europaea

The Linden Leaf is found in the temperate climates of Europe, Asia and North America. As the Botanical name suggests, most of this herb is found in Europe. Linden Leaf can be found in various species all over the planet which are individually beneficial therapeutically. Various medicinal benefits and remedies can be availed from this herb.

The use of Linden Leaf is kind of historic and has been carried out from ages for a number of purposes- mostly in case of calming procedures. Also this herb has been used in baths and teas. Recently, the use of this herb has been magnified and has a greater demand as well.


Slight variations in color and size are possible as these are a nature-derived product and exact copies are rarely present in nature. We are a cosmetic grade facility. This botanical is not a food grade product.