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Lavender Flowers

Dried lavender flowers often used as aesthetic toppings for cold process soap, candles, and wax melts. A lovely addition to potpourri and table accents as well. 


Slight variations in color and size are possible as these are a nature-derived product and exact copies are rarely present in nature. We are a cosmetic grade facility. This botanical is not a food grade product.

208 Reviews

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    Lovely Scent

    Posted by B.R. on 27th Apr 2022

    I have purchased all three options and they all smell great. The scent from the Extra to the Super does change with the Extra being more piney and the Super being more on the sweet/rounded side. My biggest complaint is that there are SO MANY stems, burrs and other pieces of rather sharp debris (like, really sharp) that I spend A LOT of time picking it out, as I use the lavender in my self-care products. Regardless, I have continued to purchase because of the scent.

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    Absolutely beautiful

    Posted by KARA WEAVER on 22nd Jan 2022

    I got the Super, and I am more then happy. I placed the order around mMcKnight and it shipped the next Morning! Will never forget that, because I was grateful, excited, and mindblown. Then when they arrived they were beautiful, and the scent! Thank you so much!

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    Posted by Shannon Doty on 7th Sep 2021

    I always buy the Super in 1lb. The smell and the color are divine. I keep coming back for more.

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    Smell so good!

    Posted by Charlie on 2nd Apr 2021

    I got the ones intended for sachets and potpourri, and I couldn't be happier. They shipped quickly and without extra plastic, and they smell absolutely glorious.

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    Posted by Erica Petersohn on 22nd Dec 2020

    I ordered the super and am very happy with the product I received! I’m usually not much of a lavender fan but I thought the smell was amazing. Shipping was prompt. I have no complaints and will order again.

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    Great stuff

    Posted by Tina on 5th Jul 2020

    Love the timing of delivery. I ordered 2lbs and came in sealed and packed separate 1lb hans each! Love the smell and it is all over my rooms, closets and storage bins. I will order again! Thank you!

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    No color

    Posted by Valerie Lisyansky on 29th Jan 2020

    I ordered the Surchoix and the smell is of a strong and linear English lavender. However, the batch is entirely green. It would have been better to get a purple batch and cover it in EO. I really cannot recommend this.

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    Posted by Jasmine Francis on 13th Oct 2019

    although the buds arent as purple as I thought, they smell AMAZEBALLS! omg! they made my office smell so heavenly every time i open and close the bag. I do not regret this purchase, great amount for the price too

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    Does the trick

    Posted by Unknown on 24th May 2019

    I've ordered these SUPER Lavender flowers and was happy with the product. They were not as bright in color as the photo would indicate, but they were satisfactory and I did reorder them a second time. The fragrance fades with time, but you can always punch up the fragrance by adding a few drops of Lavender essential oil to your bag of flowers.