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Black Coated Glass Essential Oil Bottles

60ml black coated glass essential oil bottle with a secure cap, reflecting quality and precision in its sleek, UV-protective design, ideal for preserving the purity of contained liquids.
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Black Coated Glass Essential Oil Bottles

Experience the epitome of quality with Bulk Apothecary's Black Coated Glass Essential Oil Bottles, meticulously crafted in Europe and the USA to guarantee precision and excellence in manufacturing. Our bottles are not only a testament to superior quality, ensuring they meet the tightest tolerances for high-speed manufacturing, but also a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Featuring an 18 DIN neck finish, they are designed to seamlessly accommodate our EuroDrop Caps or Dropper Caps, ensuring a secure and spill-proof experience. The sleek black coating doesn’t just elevate the visual appeal, but also provides a robust shield against UV and light exposure, safeguarding the integrity of your essential oils or beauty concoctions. Ideal for DIY beauty packaging, essential oil storage, and makeup packaging, our bottles offer a stylish, durable, and reliable packaging solution for your formulations.

Custom Labels

Looking for labels for these bottles? We have the following size labels for our most popular sizes to order right on the website. Don't see what you're looking for? We can offer almost any size & shape label you need, simply use our quote calculator here and we'll have a courteous rep contact you asap!

Custom Labels for 60ml Glass Amber Bottles

***Please Note - Caps sold separately***

60ml - 95 mm Height / 39 mm Diameter