Unscented Body Mist / Linen Spray Base

Unscented Body Mist / Linen Spray Base
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Our unscented Body Mist / Linen Spray base offers unmatched quality and price. The Body Mist / Linen Spray base does not need to be diluted and is great for people who want to add their own special ingredients or simply use as is. This Body Mist / Linen Spray base is also great for people with fragrance allergies.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Polysorbate-20, Disodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin

Directions: Apply 2-4 sprays as needed. 

65 Reviews

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    Posted by Gizelle Bennett on 12th Aug 2023

    To prevent the Milky Color after mixing in Fragrance Oils you have to use Polysorbate 20/80. Polysorbate is an emulsifier that helps to combine water and oil. Stir until product is clear. F/Y/I Polysorbate will NOT make your spray Heavy!

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    cetyl alcohol

    Posted by Lovjoy on 30th Apr 2021

    Can I add cetyl alcohol to make my 4oz body shimmer thicker? And how much should I add to the spray base. Thank you

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    Love this

    Posted by RACHELLE Ravix on 7th Feb 2021

    This base allows me to offer the complete package to my customers . I am able to apply the scents I need for each order and don’t have a lot of waste for scents that don’t sell like the others.

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    Great Product

    Posted by Jennifer on 30th Sep 2020

    The body & linen spray mist that I make with this product is great! You do need to shake it before use to blend the oils, But my customers love it because it doesn't have alcohol.

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    Linen spray base

    Posted by Aleksandra Perry on 3rd Jul 2020

    I made several bottles of linen refreshened for chrisms gifts, everyone who get that gift, asking for more and more :))) Thank you!

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    Great With Fragrance and Essential Oils

    Posted by Susan on 11th Jul 2019

    I use this with my essential oil blends. Works great with my bug repellant Blend. I love that I can mist it all over my skin and clothes. I also use it with the “Philosophy” fragrance oils from BA- love Amazing Grace Version with this mist. I don’t have issues with clouding at all, but I use cobalt blue bottles, so I can’t really see if it’s cloudy or not. I love that I can order this by the gallon!

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    Turns out perfectly

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jul 2019

    Adding a little more poly 20 eliminates the cloudiness. My body mists and linen sprays turn out crystal clear. Customers love it.

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    Posted by Lucid Body Essentials on 19th Jun 2019

    I've made several body,linen sprays so far with multiple F.O. from Bulk and I've not had one problem with a milky coloring. I know that some oils will cause this effect in most perfumes and body sprays. It's something that just can't be avoided unless you add less F.O. The scent lasts when using it on linens and clothing. Using it as a body spray, it has a nice misty spray about it. It doesn't go on heavy. The Fragrance Oils of course need to be "shaken up" before use, as it is with any other product. There is no alcohol smell. I absolutely love this spray. My customers really enjoy this.

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    Does not mix well.very milky. Seperation

    Posted by Annie williams on 10th Mar 2019

    I recently purchased this and used oils bought from Bulk and other mfgs. Constant seperation and milky color. Will not be buying this again. Alot of product thrown out as i feel my customers deserve better.