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Tray (Lg) Handmade Soap Mold

Tray (Lg) Handmade Soap Mold
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Tray (Lg) Handmade Soap Mold

Dimensions: Tray size: 1 3/8" x 8" x16"
Number of Cavities: 16 cavities, holds 5.75 pounds of soap base
Ounces: Individual bar size and weight: 1 3/8" x 2" x 4", 5.75 ounces

Got a big batch of homemade soap ready to go? Our Tray (Large) Handmade soap mold will make sixteen rectangle soap bars, each with the word “Handmade” stamped across the top with a floral border.

Milky Way Soap Molds can tolerate temperatures of 135-145 degrees F. Above these temperatures, warping may occur. Soap is easiest to release 12-24 hours after cooling. 




This high quality Tray (Lg) Handmade Soap Mold is great for for making custom soaps, candle tarts and countless other craft projects. Mold #181 

**This mold is made of plastic**

3 Reviews

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    Good quality but not what I wanted

    Posted by Sheree Ealey on 16th Nov 2016

    The quality of this mold seems good but it wasn't what I wanted. I thought that it made 16 individual bars of soap. It is good if you don't mind making a "sheet cake" bar and cutting it. Not good for smaller batches. I'll still use it for large batches.

  • 5
    Beautiful Soap

    Posted by Carrie on 25th Sep 2016

    I was concerned when I received this mold because it is clear plastic and I was concerned it would not work for my cold process soap. However my first batch of cold process soap turned out great. I sprayed the mold before adding my soap mixture and I allowed my soap to sit for 5 days before un-molding. The results are perfect. The soap bars are huge and very pretty!

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    Solid Sheet

    Posted by Pam Ferguson on 24th Feb 2016

    Apparently I didn't understand that this was one long piece, with indentations between "bars of soap". I thought there were dividers between them. I don't make a batch that large, nor do I have a soap cutter, or want one, therefore this was a waste of money for me. I can't use and it would cost too much to return. It DOES say 16 cavities - that's why I thought they were separate.