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Matte Cobalt Blue Oxide Pigment Powder

Matte Cobalt Blue Oxide Pigment Powder
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Note: This pigment powder is not recommended for bath bombs.


Matte finish, true in tone. Use by itself or to deepen the tone of other colors. This pigment powder color has been filtered of harmful impurities. When used in clear bases, the color will not remain transparent. A pastel color is produced in opaque (white) bases.

19 Reviews

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    Beautiful blue

    Posted by SIW HAUGER on 2nd Nov 2020

    I've used this in both soap and bath bombs, and it makes a beautiful hue in both. I also hadn't read about the problematic reaction with citric acid, but my bombs smell exactly as they should, so I'm not sure what to think. Great blue color, regardless!

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    Great color in cp soap

    Posted by Anna on 21st Sep 2018

    Works very well in my cp salt soap. A little goes a long way to make a rich blue color. I was worried for a while because when the soap first came out of the mold, it smelled like sulphur/rotten eggs. My soap only contained coconut & castor oil, salt, lye, and water. The smell faded after a few days - I'll have to do a lather test when the soap cures to make sure the smell doesn't return when wet. If it doesn't smell, I'm golden.

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    A little goes a long way!

    Posted by Christopher Holt on 5th Feb 2018

    The tiniest amount gives soaps a gray hue, a little more results in sky blue at around 1/8 tsp per pound of oils. Very economical!

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    Posted by gw on 4th Feb 2018


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    Posted by DeeDee Morris on 15th Dec 2017

    Wish that would have been made more clear before I ordered and mixed with my bath bomb mixture. Wasted a whole batch and stunk up the house. Yuck!

    Pretty color though. I’ll save it for soap

  • 3

    Posted by Post Warrior on 9th Aug 2017

    I bought this to use in melt and pour soap and bath bombs. How I missed the review below where it said not to use in Bath Bombs... I don't know, I am kicking myself.

    I made bath bombs and used a bit of this pigment powder. Oh My Days... this gave off such a bad scent straight away.

    I contacted BULK Apothecary only to be told oxide powders react with citric acid, hence the smell. They need to update this information on the website ASAP!

  • 5
    Spectacular Color

    Posted by Talie Haze on 29th Jun 2017

    Learning how to use oxide powder, I decided to purchase this product as my experiment and I am Beyond Happy! Use a little for a Gorgeous sweet blue or a lot for a Beautiful dark almost sometimes navy! Will be purchasing again when needed!

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    Great Product

    Posted by Emma on 5th Jun 2017

    I used it for melt and pour glycerine soap and I couldn't believe how beautiful the color came out. Be aware that it doesn't take much to achieve a deep, lovely blue. I can't wait to use the yellow I also ordered.

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    Matte cobalt blue mica.

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Feb 2017

    Beautiful color. Easy to use and it doesn't change hue in both cold or hot process soap.