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Cocoa Butter


As one of the nation's largest suppliers of pure Cocoa Butter and other natural raw ingredients, we currently offer 2 different versions of wholesale cocoa butter below.  Both versions are available in larger quantities by calling the home office for a custom quote.  We currently have a number of larger customers that order in truckload quantities and we can facilitate orders of any size.  We typically stock over 50,000 lbs. of each version on the floor for prompt shipment.







Our Pure Primed Pressed Natural Cocoa Butter is extracted from the cocoa bean, refined for purity and left un-deodorized.  Because of the lack of deodorization, bulk natural cocoa butter has a pale yellowish or slight brown color and has the typical chocolate odor normally associated with cocoa butter.  This version has a fantastic chocolate aroma making it the cocoa butter of choice for any customer that can appreciate the natural chocolate aroma.


cocoa butter bulk


Our Natural Deodorized Cocoa Butter is extracted from the cocoa bean, refined, deodorized and left in it's natural color.  This version is higher in natural anti-oxidents than the white refined because it does not go through the bleaching process.  Because of the deodorization, it does not have the strong natural odor that natural cocoa butter is known for.  This is great for soap making and personal care products where odor is an issue.




Cocoa Butter Wholesale

Also known as Theobroma oil, cocoa butter is a pale yellow vegetable fat that is derived from the cocoa bean. The process is quite interesting. The beans are first fermented, then roasted and finally separated from their shells. After that process, about 54-58% of the remaining product is pure cocoa butter. Chocolate liquor is then pressed to separate the butter from the cocoa solids. After this process the butter is usually deodorized to remove some of the strong taste which is often undesirable.

Benefits of cocoa butter: Well, for starter's it is the primary ingredient in the commercial production of both white and milk chocolate and we all know how important chocolate is to our lives. In fact, chocolate production pretty much dominates the consumption of cocoa butter and really drives the price on this tasty commodity. 

As a manufacturer the facts are simple, we have some of the best wholesale prices on pure cocoa butter and essential oils wholesale anywhere in the USA which makes us your place to buy. Where to buy peppermint oil and thousands of other great products.

Terms of Use Important! Customers should purchase products from Bulk Apothecary with the clear understanding that all products must be used at the customers own discretion and only after referencing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and all other relevant technical information specific to the product. Bulk Apothecary sells all of it’s Nature’s Oil brand and Bulk Apothecary Brand products for manufacturing use.  Consequently all of these products may or may not be labeled for retail consumer use.  This includes nutritional facts labels where applicable.  Furthermore all information found on Bulk Apothecary's website is obtained from current and reliable sources but Bulk Apothecary makes no representation as to its comprehensiveness or accuracy. 

As far as other uses, you may find it interesting that wholesale cocoa butter is used widely in Pharmaceuticals. Today many companies exploit cocoa butter's interesting physical properties. We all remember the M&M commercials talking about how they melt in your mouth, not in your hand. This is because bulk cocoa butter is solid at room temperature and melts at body temperature. Because of this unique melting point it is considered a perfect base for medicinal suppositories that need to be in solid form until inserted into the body. Probably not something you would like to associate with your favorite tasty treats but now you know.

Bulk Cocoa butter is also one of the most stable fats known to man. When you couple that with it’s high antioxidant properties, it is great at preventing rancidity of all sorts of products. This makes it a great addition to any product with a high oil content. When you add all that to the fact that cocoa butter has amazing emollient properties and a very pleasant fragrance, it is no wonder that it has become popular in soaps and personal care products. These properties also make pure bulk cocoa butter a popular ingredient in stretch mark creams. In fact today, most stretch mark creams on the market contain large quantities of this amazing ingredient and many larger companies use it as their main marketing push. Take Palmer's Cocoa Butter Products. Their entire product line is designed and marketed around the benefits of this simple butter.

If you like our wholesale cocoa butter, please don't forget to check out all of our aromatherapy essential oils, bulk citric acid, wholesale soap making supplies and our melt and pour soap bases. We carry a fantastic selection and our prices are almost unheard of.


194 Reviews

  • 5
    The best ever!

    Posted by Felice Williams on 20th Mar 2019

    So, I've ordered quite a few things from BA since I've started my business and I find products on other sites but I always come back here. Love the all the butters they are superior to none, especially the cocoa butter, love the choices and description of all you to offer. Thanks BA! I'll keep coming back!

  • 5
    Best stuff out there!

    Posted by Catherine Williams on 31st Jan 2019

    I bought the 7 pound container of deodorized Cocoa Butter, because I wanted to scent my lotion bars - but still have the benefits of the Cocoa Butter. This product fits the bill exactly, I just wish it was a bit less expensive!

  • 3

    Posted by Jenn on 1st Dec 2018

    I got the pure Cocoa Butter and it is perfectly good. I don't like the container it comes in because Cocoa Butter is hard and you have to dig it out. I would much rather purchase solid chunks that I can grate up to make easier to use.

  • 5
    Beginner Chocolate Making

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Nov 2018

    Wanted to make chocolate so I ordered both the natural and deodorized cocoa butters to try them out; see which I preferred. The natural cocoa butter is no joke when they say it smells of chocolate, it's almost overwhelming. Thick chocolate smell, slightly bitter just like dark chocolate, and when heated you can even detect hints of the fermentation process that the cocoa beans went through. It's a wild, heady, and nuance smell; it has character like a fine wine. The deodorized cocoa butter is a lot more tame. It smells sweet and mildly of chocolate. Kinda like those Starlight chocolate mint hard candies you find at some diners.

    They both make a great chocolate, though don't take my word for it as I'm just starting out. The deodorized cocoa butter chocolate has a nice clean chocolate taste. Like what you buy in the store. The cocoa powder is pulling all the weight when it comes to the flavor. The natural cocoa butter chocolate was like experiencing chocolate for the first time. That moment after you take a bite then you stare at it and say, "WTF is this?" Taste is 50% smell, so it makes sense. It's hard to describe. Normal dark chocolate has it's chocolate taste, but with the natural cocoa butter dark chocolate it has a high, middle, and low notes to it's flavor. It's not a crisp chocolate taste, but tastes like it's "full".

    Needless to say, I enjoyed the cocoa butter and look forward to playing with it more.

  • 5
    I ordered the deodorized one

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Oct 2018

    I make body butter, and this works great in them. The price is right too. Will for sure buy more.

  • 5
    Quality Product

    Posted by Carole B. on 26th Sep 2018

    I've been a customer of bulk apothecary for a while and I'm never disappointed. All of their waxes, butters, essential oils, and accessories are of top quality. I've used both the refined and unrefined cocoa butter is of best quality.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Sep 2018

    Excellent quality. I will be buying more!

  • 5
    Good quality

    Posted by Keri on 16th Aug 2018

    Good quality, easy to use, and great price.

  • 5
    Great Product, Hard to Open Container

    Posted by Candace on 9th Aug 2018

    I ordered the seven pound container of cocoa butter, and I like the product very much. It came quickly, the product wasn't leaking from the container, the
    container was of heavyweight plastic, and it was not slippery to the touch. It was also sealed very well for freshness. Almost too well. I could not open the container on my own and had to enlist the help of my daughter. Note that I am not a frail woman, either. That lid was on there tight. By the time I finally got it off, the lid was not usable, so I had to transfer the product to another container, which was a bummer, because I like the original container so much. Again, the product is fantastic, and I have no problems with the quality. I would just like to be able to use the original container to hold the product until I use it all, but the current lid made that impossible for me.