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Motherwort Herb Powder

Motherwort Herb Powder
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Motherwort Herb Powder

Botanical Name:

Leonurus cardiaca

Motherwort is a perennial plant which belongs to the mint family. It is also interestingly called Lion’s tail or Lion’s ear. The shape of the leaves and stem go with these names as the leaves look like the ears of a lion and the stem depicts the tail of a lion with mushy and hairy look. Tail also being a common name for Leonurus. The herb originated in Central Eurasia but now it has spread all over the continent and has a great medicinal value. The plant grows from 24 inches to 40 inches in height and the flowers bloom during the months of July and August.

Motherwort Herb is used as a cardiac tonic and also helps in the treatment of stomach gas and cramping, menopausal problems and insomnia. According to the Chinese, the fresh or dried leaves of this herb enter the bladder heart and liver if taken appropriately.