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Meadowsweet Herb

Meadowsweet Herb
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Meadowsweet Herb

Botanical Name:

Filipendula ulmaria

Meadowsweet herb is a perennial herb which grows in damp meadows, ditches and bogs, on riversides and at the edge of the ponds. In the Woodlands throughout Europe as well as the eastern United States and Canada, this herb is found. The Meadowsweet herb is well known for its fragrance and beautiful flowers which bloom from June to September. These flowers are very graceful and are white in color. 

Meadowsweet herb is vitally used to treat Arthritis and other aches. The leaves and flowers contain salicylates which are converted by the body into aspirin. Surprisingly, Meadowsweet herb is also effective in the treatment of any kind of digestive problems and also diarrhea in children.

Meadowsweet can be taken as tea, extracts are also available to be taken and also in capsules. If you are allergic to aspirin or have internal bleeding problems, then it is strictly restricted.