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Marshmallow Leaf

Marshmallow Leaf
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Marshmallow Leaf

Botanical Name:

Althaea officinalis

Marshmallow leaf has a number of medicinal benefits. It is a natural source of beta-carotene, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The leaves, shortly petioled, are round and the length is not too much. Due to the dense covering of stellate hairs, they are velvety and soft on both sides. The herb is a perennial species which originated in Africa. It has medicinal as well as ornamental benefits.

The Marshmallow leaf also contains large amount of Vitamin A, Calcium, Zinc, and a fair amount of iron, sodium, iodine and B-complex Vitamins. All these make the herb a very vital medicinal herb. Its root is equally important in respect of medicinal benefits.

The flowers which bloom on it are similar to those of common mallows but are smaller and are not so bright in color. Any kind of dose must be initiated through a medical expert.