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Luxe Musks | Men's Candle Fragrance Oil Collection

Luxe Musks | Men's Candle Fragrance Oil Collection
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Luxe Musks | Men's Candle Fragrance Oil Collection

Discover the art of crafting complex and sophisticated, masculine candles with our exclusive 'Luxe Musks' Fragrance Oil Kit. Each scent embodies the essence of luxury and refinement, allowing you to create candles that capture the alluring and distinctive aromas of musk. Dive into a world of elegance and creativity, and let your candles tell a story of timeless allure.

Contains 1 10ml bottle of each the following:

  • Citron & Oak: Experience a vibrant and effervescent blend inspired by the citrus-floral essence of a lemon tree. The top notes harmonize the zesty allure of Kalamansi Lime with the verdant hints of green coriander and cedarwood, evoking the lush shade of tree foliage.
  • Patchouli & Dark Rum: Seductive, mysterious notes of patchouli and musk blend with the rich, spiced aroma of dark rum to create a sultry aroma.
  • Vintage Leather & Tabac: Evoke timeless sophistication as well-worn leather intertwines with the warm, smoky notes of tobacco, creating a rich and distinguished scent.
  • Charred Cedar & Spice: The rugged aroma of smoked cedarwood and warm spices creates a mesmerizing symphony that beckons to indulge in its alluring charm.
  • Cobalt Sage & Vetiver: The captivating and grounding scent of vetiver meets the herbaceous intensity of sage enriched by the warm embrace of cedarwood and amber.
  • Ocean Salt & Driftwood: Evoke the essence of a coastal breeze as the bracing scent of sea salt intertwines with weathered driftwood for a refreshing and invigorating fragrance.