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Lavender Vanilla Artisan Cold Process Soap Loaves / Bars

Lavender Vanilla Artisan Cold Process Soap
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Lavender Vanilla Artisan Cold Process Soap Loaves / Bars

Suggested Retail Price: $10-$14 / bar

Experience the calming aroma of lavender and vanilla with our Lavender Vanilla Artisan Cold Process Soap. Crowned in gold and marbled in smooth purples and pale greens, this soap transforms into a luxurious lather that soothes both skin and soul. Allow the indulgent experience of Sweet Dreams to bring you comfort during the day or gently carry you off to the sweetest of dreams at night. Our Lavender Vanilla Artisan Cold Process Soap loaves are hand-crafted right here in the USA by master artisans using the highest quality ingredients to ensure each bar is a premium product that your customer will love. Each of our loaves are precut to 1" bars to make packaging our soaps with your custom label quick and simple.

Loaf Size:

Each Loaf is approximately 3 lbs. and measures 3½" x 3½" x 10".  We then precut each loaf to 1" thick bars yielding 10 - 3½" x 3½" x 1" bars of soap weighing roughly 4.5oz each.

Key features:

  • Skin-loving ingredients: Our soap bars feature natural, high-quality ingredients for a gentle, luxurious lather.
  • Wholesale supplier: Offered in loaves and individual bars for easy customization and branding under your own label.
  • Cold process method: Retains the nourishing properties of the ingredients, keeping skin moisturized and soft.
  • Eco-friendly and vegan: Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made without any harsh chemical preservatives, perfect for daily use, suitable for various customer needs.
  • Beautiful, artisinal design: Appeals to customers looking for a luxurious and visually attractive gift option.
  • Grow your business: Elevate your brand with a high-quality, all-natural soap that your customers will love.

Packaging and Accessories

  • Soap Boxes: Enhance your soap presentation with our elegant Soap Boxes. Available in both white and kraft brown, these boxes feature a window to view and smell the soap, adding to the sensory experience.
  • Shrink Wrap Bands: Protect your soap while allowing for label application with our Shrink Wrap Bands. These bands shrink under heat to fit the soap perfectly, ensuring it stays in pristine condition.
  • Belly Bands: Our heavy cardstock Belly Bands provide a stylish way to display your soap. Wrap them around the soap to showcase it beautifully while offering a surface for applying a label.
  • Custom Labels: Tailor your soap packaging with our Custom Label Service. We offer custom labels for off of these packaging options, as well as a wide range of sizes and shapes to meet your specific needs.
  • Wooden Soap Dishes: Complement your soap with our Wooden Soap Dish, designed to fit the square artisan soap bars perfectly. These dishes allow your soap to dry quickly, prolonging its lifespan.


Purified water, saponified oils of organic olive, organic coconut, palm, shea butter, mica, essential and/or fragrance oils

Please note that due to the handmade nature of this soap, color shades and swirl styles may slightly vary. Each loaf and bar is unique!