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Lavender (Blue Shade of Purple) Candle Color Blocks

Lavender (Blue Shade of Purple) Candle Color Blocks
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Candle Color Blocks:

Our candle color blocks are designed to easily color your candles with a vibrant look and no mess.  Most of our customers use one block per 5 lbs. of candle wax to obtain the listed color shade (Looking to make the color a bit darker? Add a small piece of Black Dye Block to your dyed wax).  

We recommend not over-heating dyes in wax. Excessive heat can oxidize the wax (turn it yellow) and have a deteriorating effect on dyes. Most candle makers work at temperatures of 160ºF ~ 180ºF.

  • Please bear in mind that colors will vary depending on the type of wax and/or fragrance use.
  • Each dye block produces several colors/shades by simply increasing or decreasing the ratio of color to wax.