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Clear Precision Dispensing Bottles and Caps

Precision Dispensing Bottle and Cap
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Clear Precision Dispensing Bottles (30ml and 120ml)

Introducing our Clear Precision Dispensing Bottles, available in both 30ml and 120ml sizes, and paired with secure caps for your convenience. These bottles are expertly crafted to offer an effortless filling and dispensing experience, making them an ideal choice for a variety of applications.


  • All-In-One Cap: The innovative smart cap performs multiple tasks with a simple turn, aligning the nozzle, applying the tamper-evident band, and sealing the bottle in one motion.
  • Rotational Suspension Closure: Enjoy an ultra-smooth, frictionless cap that effortlessly glides into place, featuring a spring suspension for a levitating feel.
  • Compliant Child-Resistant Closure: The container closure system incorporates a child- resistant closure designed to allow for ease-of-use by adults.
  • Fastened Tamper Evident Band: Securely latched onto the neck of the bottle to prevent slipping.
  • Easy-Squeeze Construction: Guarantees precise dispensing with controlled flow, eliminating excess dripping.
  • Lock-On Tamper Evident Break-Off Band: Enhances security with an easy-to-use break-off band.
  • Liquid Leak-Blocker: Ensures a leak-proof seal by restricting the nozzle tip internally.
  • Refined Nozzle: Engineered to maintain a balance of pressures to prevent unintentional dripping.

Durability and Clarity:

  • Shatter-Resistant: Made to withstand impact, our bottles are designed to be durable and resist breaking or shattering.
  • Outstanding Clarity: Crafted from high-quality PET resin, these bottles offer exceptional clarity, ensuring your product is displayed with optimal visibility.

Versatility and Compatibility:

  • Wide Range Compatibility: The versatile PET resin is compatible with a broad spectrum of products, making these bottles suitable for various uses.
  • Effective Barriers: The PET resin also provides effective barriers against moisture, oxygen, and fragrances, preserving the integrity of your contents.

If you're dispensing any product requiring precision, our Clear Precision Dispensing Bottles are the perfect solution for accurate and reliable dispensing.