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A Guy With an Idea and No Experience Sold Millions In America's Largest Retailers (DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK)

A Guy With an Idea and No Experience Sold Millions In America's Largest Retailers (DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK)
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How A Guy With an Idea and No Experience Sold Millions In America's Largest Retailers (Instant DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK)


By Afif Ghannoum


Product Description

Make your consumer product a reality, with the detailed step-by-step playbook I used to turn multiple ideas into products that have sold at over 20,000 Stores and Generated Millions in Sales. Plus, you’ll get these additional FREE bonuses when you order:


-       A copy of 100+ Product Name and Packaging Inspirations


-       A copy of The Visual Guide to Creating Awesome Product Names  


Here Are A Few Of The Strategies You'll Learn in the Book... 


  • The FOUR FREE market research strategies I use to make sure people actually want to buy my product - pg. 9


  • How to use reverse engineering on Amazon to figure out exactly what features consumers want your product to have - pg. 11 


  • The simple evergreen strategy to find a product people will buy over and over again. I could give you a hundred different products that I KNOW people will buy using this technique. I literally guarantee it - pg. 14


  • Learn why it can be a MASSIVE advantage to sell a product that’s already on shelf, and HUGE disadvantage to have a product that's totally different - pg. 15 & pg. 17


  • Seventeen distribution channels OTHER than large retailers where you can have huge success selling your products, and why large retailers may be the last place you want to sell your product - pgs. 20-23


  • The simple technique for creating an awesome consumer product name. Specifically, you can accelerate the potential of your product by giving it a name that serves at least one of four purposes - pg. 25


  • Fool proof strategies for making sure your packaging works hard for you and isn't just a "pretty face" - pg. 28
  • The amazing case study of how a group of entrepreneurs created a brand with a unique "spin" on a very old product, and how they used amazing packaging (with almost no advertising) to grow, and how they sold their product to P&G for almost half a billion dollars (that's not a typo, billion with a capital "B") - pg. 29


  • The first two tactics I ALWAYS use when creating a new product's packaging (the second one alone will save you tens of thousands of dollars) - pg. 30-32


  • The simple process I use when dealing with new vendors to make sure they're legitimate and do quality work before I buy anything, ESPECIALLY through the internet -pg. 31-32


  • My three "go to" online design sources that will save you thousands of dollars in design fees, and create amazing packaging, branding and advertising assets for as little as five dollars (sources I discovered AFTER spending hundreds of thousands on design work with giant advertising and design firms) - pg. 33-34  


  • You'll learn not only how to find the best designers online, but exactly how to communicate with them to make sure you get amazing design work - pg. 33-34  


  • The six key advantages of outsourcing production from unit one - pg. 36-38


  • Why the single MOST critical rule of all when it comes to having a successful product launch is having your logistical house in order. If you don’t, you will fail. I PROMISE YOU. pg. 36-49


  • How to create a simple 6 point logistical strategy for getting your product not only made, but getting it distributed, and most importantly GETTING PAID (I have no formal background in logistics. I’m a lawyer by training. But, I’ve literally done this entire process myself, shipping hundreds of thousands of units to 20,000 retail locations using a yellow pad (I’m not kidding, a yellow pad of lined paper).) - pg. 44-45


  • 11 cost effective ways to promote your product on a budget - pg. 51-62 


  • Why you really don’t need a lot of capital to get started, and how to get through most of the product launch process with very little money - pg. 64-65


  • How we raised over $8 million in investor funding (without a financing background, and with zero VC connections) - pg. 66 


  • The "Secret Sauce" two step process that almost anyone can use to raise money - pg. 67-76 


  • The specific follow up email sequence I use to follow up with potential investors - pg. 68-70 


  • Why it's critical to create a compelling fundraising story, and how to do it by creating a story around 9 specific points - pg. 71 


  • How I approach creating my fundraising story through a simple ten to fifteen slide presentation that is visually driven, and a bullet-point, slide by slide outline of each of the 7 critical topics you MUST cover in your presentation - pg. 71-72 


  • Four ways to raise money OTHER than friends and family, and why Fortune Magainze found that 70% of entrepreneurs rank strategy feedback, getting distribution, public relations and finding employees AHEAD of actually raising money as the key benefits of one of these fund raising options - pg. 74-75 


2 Reviews

  • 5
    Very Inspirational and Good Ideas

    Posted by Dan H on 19th Feb 2016

    As soon as I finished reading it I completely revamped my beard oil line. It's amazing some of the things you just don't think about when creating your product line.

  • 5
    Very Insightful. Great info!

    Posted by Sandy on 19th Feb 2016

    This book answered so many questions I had about possibly bringing an idea to the market. It was easy to follow and extremely helpful!