Wool Dryer Balls (6 Pack)

Wool Dryer Balls (6 Pack)
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Wool Dryer Balls

These reusable Wool Dryer Balls help reduce drying time, static, and wrinkles while also providing an eco-friendly alternative to disposable dryer sheets. They are made with 100% New Zealand wool and separate clothes during drying. This separation allows more air to get to each article of clothing, drastically reducing wrinkles and cutting drying time by up to 25% per load for energy efficiency. Unlike plastic or rubber dryer balls, Wool Dryer Balls are soft and have no unpleasant, loud tumbling noise while in use, and they are bio-degradable once they've used up they're 1,000 load lifespan. These Dryer Balls don't come fragranced, but you can add a few drops of certain (non-flammable) essential or fragrance oils for a lasting aroma from your laundry. Our 6 pack of 100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls come packaged in a cotton Bulk Apothecary printed synch bag for easy storage.


Material: 100% New Zealand wool (totally natural and organic)

Size: 7cm (2.75")

Weight:40g ±5%


***Warning:  Some fragrance oils and essential oils are flammable.  Scent dryer balls at your own risk using care in deciding which oils to scent your dryer balls with.