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Water Soluble Pina Colada Flavor

Pure Water Soluble Pina Colada Flavor Sizes
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Our Water Soluble Pina Colada Flavor is great for a number of uses. Many people use them for certain confectionaries and electronic cigarettes (not for use in lip balms). Please note, we do not add sweetner to any of our flavors purposely to extend the shelf life on them. It is also important to note that recently the International Organization of the Flavor Industry came out saying they cannon support the safety of the use of flavoring substances in e-cigarettes. Although flavoring is considered perfectly safe for human consumption, there has been no long term studies on flavoring being inhaled through the use of e-cigarettes. It is for this reason that Bulk Apothecary sells this flavoring for general consumption and does not warrant the use of flavoring for inhalation of any kind.