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Soy Lecithin

Soy Lecithin
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Soy Lecithin

Our 100% pure Soy Lecithin, a fatty acid, is an excellent way to introduce moisture into skincare and other cosmetic products. Unlike other oils, this product is uniquely similar to our own skin, enabling it to hydrate, moisturize, and act as a protective barrier for our skin. It works as a thickening agent, emulsifier, and can even stimulate collagen production, too.  

Soy Lecithin Specs  

Country of Origin: USA

Source: Soybean Oil

Form: Liquid

Color: Yellow to Brownish

Natural: Yes

Extraction Method: Addition of Water and Centrifugation/Steam Precipitation

Refinement Status: Refined

Organic Certified: No


Flammability / Combustibility Warning

Clothes stained with this oil or other ingredients purchased on this site may be flammable and washing may not remove all residues. The CPSC recommends washing clothing, rags or other material saturated with any substance found on this site more than once and then hanging to dry to avoid spontaneous combustion in a dryer.  

Bulk Apothecary is not responsible for fires caused by use of our products! 


The information provided is general and should not be taken as medical advice. Neither Bulk Apothecary or associated business entities guarantee the accuracy of the information. Please consult your doctor, especially if being used during pregnancy, before using our Sweet Almond Oil. You are also encouraged to test the product to ensure that it meets your needs, before using it for mass production.

We are a cosmetic grade facility. This is not a food grade product.

5 Reviews

  • 4
    Excellent product

    Posted by Unknown on 31st May 2017

    I have ordered this product for the second time and am pleased with it and also speedy delivery!

  • 5
    Great Product!

    Posted by Aleshanee on 28th Mar 2017

    This product worked well in my recipes. It has no funny odor and is good quality. Highly recommend!

  • 4
    Very nice product

    Posted by C. Mendez on 12th Oct 2016

    I never used soy lecithin before so I didn't know what to expect. Its thicker than other oils I use. I mixed it with the rice bran oil I also bought from Bulkapthocary and it is absolutely lovely on the skin. I use it in massage and it is great. I looked into possible allergic reaction but soy lecithin isn't like soy so the worry of allergies is minimal. I can't wait to make soap with it.

  • 5
    Needed for a recipe

    Posted by Virginia O'Neal on 25th Jul 2016

    I needed this for a recipe I have. I married the can it was shipped in to 2-8 oz. bottles. I do not have bigger bottles, yet. It was fairly easy to pour into the bottles with a funnel. I noticed it is sticky like honey. Has a nice amber color to it and not much of a smell. I will be getting alot of use out of this. Now that I have it, I will be incorporating it into a number of my products that I make.

  • 5

    Posted by Monica S. on 11th Feb 2016

    I just got the lecithin a day ago, and haven't made anything with it yet. However, I've been putting a few drops on my palm and adding a bit of argan oil, to moisturize my hands, nails and cuticles. It feels *amazing.* Argan oil is great enough alone; but the addition of the soy lecithin makes my skin feel like velvet. (And I'm 61 years old. Velvet is not the usual comparison, LOL.)

    Before ordering I was reading up on soy lecithin, and noted some comments on other sites about the liquid kind people had bought elsewhere having a distinct odor. This doesn't. I can't smell a darned thing from it. If that's a concern of yours, rest assured this lecithin isn't going to change the scent of a cosmetic.