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Sample Press Proof of Your Label

Sample Press Proof of Your Label
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A sample press proof is a physical copy of your label printed on our white BOPP with either matte or high gloss laminate. It is your opportunity to view our print quality, material, and your design printed. Tweak your colors, text size, and other design elements, if necessary, before committing to a large order. This label can be any size. 


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About Our Digitally Printed Labels

Custom Label Instructions

We have the latest digital printing technologies that deliver professional (waterproof) product labels at even the shortest run lengths. This allows us to simplify the custom label experience, offering it to anyone who wants to bring their product to market with the same quality as the "big guys". 

All labels are printed on the latest high-speed printing presses with state of the art die cutting/finishing presses to ensure top quality labels and unbelievable lead times. 

Lead Times:

Roughly 5 business days from proof approval.  

Choosing Your Material:

White BOPP Labels

White BOPP labels are our most commonly used material and is suitable for most applications. White BOPP labels are made with polypropylene material and have a permanent adhesive. It is impervious to water and oils, and is particularly suitable for bath and body products, as well as food and beverage products.

Choosing Your Laminate:

High Gloss

High gloss is our most popular laminate. It provides protection for the label and a high gloss shiny finish.


The Matte Laminate provides your label with a dull almost satin like non-glossy finish. Some customers consider this achieves a more "natural" or "modern" look.