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Pure Palm Oil



What is Palm oil? There’s much confusion on this, so here are some pure Palm oil facts! Palm oils is derived from the pulp of the fruit of the Palm tree. Pure Palm oil has many personal and industrial applications that you can benefit from today by purchasing yours from Bulk Apothecary, at the most competitive price!


Get to Know Our Pure Palm Oil


Country of Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia
Source of Oil: Pulp of the Palm Tree Fruit
Form: Solid
Color: Pale Yellow to Brownish
Natural: Yes
Additives: No
Extraction Method: Expeller Pressed
Refinement Status: Refined
Organic Certified: No


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Disclaimer: The information provided is general and should not be taken as medical advice. Neither Bulk Apothecary or associated business entities guarantee the accuracy of the information. Please consult your doctor, especially if being used during pregnancy, before using our 100% pure Palm oil. You are also encouraged to test the product to ensure that it meets your needs, before using for mass production.

113 Reviews

  • 3
    Love the oil

    Posted by Terasa Hodges on 4th Sep 2019

    I only was able to give this product a 3 star for the simple fact is it is so hard to find in stock. I absolutely love the convenience of the 35 lb pail but the scarcity of product availability if forcing me to elsewhere for Palm Oil

  • 5
    Best place for our supplies

    Posted by Vesta on 26th Jan 2019

    I always shy to leave a review here because we don’t make soap professionally.
    We don’t have much experience but apparently we are just lucky having excellent supply’s place, good recipes and instructions. We’ve been making all needed kinds of soap for us for couple of years. I am not using palm oil for my soap but my husband use it and we both find this site best for our needs.
    I read about other customers’ problems with the bucket. I, as the female part of our team opened the bucket w/o any problem. Exactly the opposite- I am grateful for such a well protected container. Also it is so easy to store.

  • 5
    I opened the 7 #-no issues

    Posted by Nickie on 2nd Jan 2019

    I see that many people have a hard time with the 7# bucket so I was hesitant to purchase. I also have a 7# bucket of their mango butter and it’s the same container. I used pruning shears to cut the marks on the outer rim then a flat head screw driver to pry open around the edges. Had it opened in 5 minutes. I am enjoying this oil so far!

  • 5
    Wonderful Product! Not difficult to open

    Posted by PJ on 26th Dec 2018

    I have bought the 7.5 lb pail a few times. It is a terrific product. Like all shipping buckets, you have to know how to efficiently open it so you can store the product without removal. First, I like to use tinsnips to cut through each slit that is evenly spaced under the rim of the bucket. After all of the slits are cut through, it is easy to pull up one side of the lid and work your way around until it pops free. It can be pressed back into place to seal for storage. Great tubs to reuse for mixing, too!

  • 5
    Very happy

    Posted by Mary on 11th Dec 2018

    I purchased the 7lb bucket, had no issues with the lid. First time opening it is the hardest, just make sure the tabs on the lid snap out and it’ll come right off. It’s just like a paint bucket. Beautiful oil, made very nice soap!

  • 4

    Posted by Jenn on 1st Dec 2018

    I bought the 35 gallon drum for a pretty decent price. I wish Bulk Apothecary listed whether it was sustainably harvested from the rainforest or not. It makes me hesitant to purchase again. The palm oil works great in my soaps though, makes the bar much harder to last longer.

  • 5
    Making Soap is my business!

    Posted by Chris Shaefer on 20th Oct 2018

    The 50lb block is a great size, easy to use and affordable. Use it everyday and love it and Bulk. Keep up the good work!

  • 5
    Consistent quality year after year

    Posted by on 29th Aug 2018

    Keep it up, great product

  • 3
    Revise the bucket

    Posted by Rhonda Maner on 26th May 2018

    I like this Palm oil but the bucket container for the 7 lb order is ridiculously difficult to open and once you do open it if you can, you can't use the top anymore. You must remove all 7 lbs of the Palm oil and put into other containers. 7lb container revision is in desperate need. I would rather have multiple bottles...No impossible to open bucket please. Thank you.