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Golden Jojoba Oil
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Golden Jojoba Oil




Native to Southwestern North America, Golden Jojoba Oil is the unrefined version of the Clear Jojoba Oil, obtained from the fruit of the Simmondsia Chinensis plant! Native Americans extracted the oil of the jojoba plant for many personal care needs, a trend that continues today. The golden color of this liquid plant wax potentially makes it a very attractive addition to personal care products.


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Get to Know Our Golden Jojoba Oil


Country of Origin: Argentina
Botanical Name: Simmondsia Chinensis
Common Names: Goat Nut, Deer Nut, Pignut, Wild hazel, Quinine Nut, Coffeeberry, Gray Box Bush
Parts Used: Jojoba Plant Seeds
Form: Liquid Wax
Color: Golden to Brownish Yellow
Scent: Neutral; Almost Odorless
Natural: Yes
Extraction Method: Expeller Pressed
Refinement Status: Unrefined
Organic Certified: No


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Disclaimer: The information provided is general and should not be taken as medical advice. Neither Bulk Apothecary or associated business entities guarantee the accuracy of the information. Please consult your doctor, especially if being used during pregnancy, before using our Golden Jojoba Oil. You are also encouraged to test the product to ensure that it meets your needs, before using for mass production.

115 Reviews

  • 5
    quality product

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Apr 2019

    Am using this full strength on my husbands legs as he is diabetic and has very dry flaking skin on his legs.

  • 5
    Great Quality

    Posted by Wolf on 18th Apr 2019

    Here at Wolf and Bear's Den Beard Products we use Golden Jojoba in our beard oils, balms and in our mustache wax. I was getting it from another retailer but it was of inconsistent quality and very expensive. I found Bulk Apothecary to always have what I need for a reasonable price and excellent quality.

  • 5
    Great Quality

    Posted by Mukthi Dasaraju on 18th Jan 2019

    Great quality and mixed smoothly with my whipped mango butter!

  • 5

    Posted by Jane Lawrence on 26th Dec 2018

    This Jojoba oil is the best. I use it as a face and body oil and it's fabulous on my aging skin. The best thing is the fast shipping, good packaging and excellent price from Bulk Apothecary.

  • 5
    Great Product!!! Great Price!!

    Posted by Liz on 13th Dec 2018

    I love this product. Great price!

  • 5
    Good Quality - What I Expected

    Posted by Victoria on 10th Nov 2018

    This is my second time to order it, and they quality is consistent. I love this oil and use it in my lip balm. I'm planning on adding it to a body oil recipe.

  • 5
    Wonderful product

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2018

    The quality is very good. I am buying more!

  • 4
    Very nice

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jan 2018

    Love the product

  • 5
    Love it.

    Posted by Kimberly Hodgman on 8th Jan 2018

    I have super fair and dry skin, and I use this as my Face/Body moisturizer. Jojoba is the closest thing in the World to our skin's natural moisturizer: sebum. It only makes sense to use an oil to moisturize vs. a cream or lotion.

    It always leaves my skin soft and silky smooth after it absorbs, and I've noticed an incredible improvement in the rosacea in my cheeks. Thank you B.A.!