Coconut Oil (76 degree)

Coconut Oil (76 degree)
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Coconut Oil (76 degree)



Coconut Oil (76 degree) benefits are numerous and it’s one of the major reasons it’s revered among personal care manufacturers; it’s versatile! The Cocos nucifera, or Coconut palm tree, can grow up to 98 feet, with leaves that can grow up to 20 feet long. Coconut trees can take 6 to 10 years to bear its first fruit, taking another 15 to 20 years to reach peak production. The fruit itself is botanically not a true nut, but a drupe. The husk of a Coconut can be yellow, green, brownish, or a mix of all three, while it’s shell is almost always brown and fibrous looking, and is sometimes referred to as “brown skin”. The coconut oil is extracted from the white part found inside the shell.


Coconuts have a long history of importance and mentions. The earliest record of the the coconut palm tree was around 545 AD by Cosmos of Alexandria, with other notable mentions coming from Marco Polo in 1280, Ludovico di Varthema in 1510, and even in the Story of Sinbad the Sailor; however, in 1521 an Italian by the name of Antonio Pigafetta gave the first detailed description of the Coconut. While the origin of Coconuts, it is generally accepted that they are native to the India-Indonesia region. One thing that everyone agrees on is the versatility of Coconut Oil uses as a carrier/base oil, something that you should experience today!


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Get to Know Our Coconut Oil (76 degree)


Country of Origin: Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia
Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera
Common Names: Coconut Palm Oil, Coconut, Coco
Parts Used: Coconut Palm Nut
Form: Solid (Melts at 76 Degrees Fahrenheit)
Color: Yellowish Off-White
Scent: Odorless
Natural: Yes
Extraction Method: Expeller Pressed
Refinement Status: Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized (RBD)
Organic Certified: No



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Disclaimer: The information provided is general and should not be taken as medical advice. Neither Bulk Apothecary or associated business entities guarantee the accuracy of the information. Please consult your doctor, especially if being used during pregnancy, before using our Coconut Oil 76 Degree. You are also encouraged to test the product to ensure that it meets your needs, before using for mass production.

478 Reviews

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Fran Davis on 24th Oct 2018

    New customer here who is totally DELIGHTED! I ordered a number of smaller sizes of different oils and they are all wonderful with great prices and quality. Definitely buying here often. THANK YOU

  • 4
    The Best Price Anywhere

    Posted by Mary Collins on 11th Oct 2018

    It's wonderful for soap making and by the gallon, I can't find a lower price. A $10 code in an email almost paid for shipping, too.

  • 4
    Good, no complaints

    Posted by Todd Richardson on 7th Oct 2018

    Seems like a good product. Results are yet to be tested but based on smell and appearance it looks good.

  • 5
    Life time customer

    Posted by Wendy on 23rd Aug 2018

    I am always happy with my purchase from BA. I have used this and the 92 degree as well satisfied with my purchases. Thank You.

  • 5
    Fast Shipping, Quality Product, Good Price

    Posted by Julie on 3rd Aug 2018

    No complaints here! Totally satisfied. Repeat customer...

  • 5
    Easy to use in summer time

    Posted by Gary Wollman on 27th Jul 2018

    I live in coastal Texas, and during the summer, this oil is liquid, therefore, I can blend it with my other liquid oils without using any additional heat. I just have to wait for my lye water mixture to cool to atmosphere temperature to blend and trace. I make all of my soap outdoors under my raised house to keep my kitchen clean. This oil is my main soap-making oil.

  • 5
    the best coconut oil at the best price

    Posted by on 24th Jun 2018

    I use a fair amount of coconut oil. It helps with my joint pain plus I make all my own personal products from soap to to beard oil and almost everything has coconut oil in it. Over the last twenty years I have bought from a large variety of companies. Once I found Bulk Apothecary I stuck with them for the quality, the price and the speed of delivery. I guess you'd call me a happy customer

  • 5
    The best coconut oil

    Posted by Angelina Ludvig on 23rd Jun 2018

    Wonderful great quality

  • 5
    Wonderful Oil

    Posted by Dawn Marie Papson on 2nd May 2018

    Easy to work with and not gritty. This is a great quality of coconut oil for soaps, balms and anything you make...even as a moisturizer for those summer feet!