Lavender Chamomile Fragrance Oil

Pure Lavender Chamomile Fragrance Oil
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Lavender Chamomile Fragrance oil


If you are looking for the best place to buy Lavender Chamomile fragrance oil then look no further.  At Bulk Apothecary we only sell the absolute finest quality ingredients and supplies and our Lavender Chamomile fragrance oil is no different.  Our signature fragrances are stronger and last longer than any other supplier online. Phthalate Free

Pure Lavender Chamomile Fragrance


Many people ask us what makes our oils so much different from the competition and the facts are pretty basic.  Many suppliers of fragrances dilute their product with cheaper carriers.  This allows them to sell their product at prices that are sometime lower than our amazing wholesale price.  However don't be fooled.  In most cases you will need 5 to 10 times as much oil to get the same effect in your products.  Our Lavender Chamomile fragrance oil can be used at .3%.  That means that 1 of our .5oz. Lavender Chamomile fragrances can scent an entire gallon of our unscented bases.  That is because our pure Lavender Chamomile oils are 100% pure.  We never cut our products and that means we have the absolute best quality available anywhere online.  This also ensures that our Lavender Chamomile oil will not negatively impact your final product.  Many products have a salt curve and inferior grade fragrances can often break that salt curve and consequently break the viscosity of your product.  Because our products are 100% pure, they are less likely to cause any issues with your final product. 


Warning Icon WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including myrcene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to or our Proposition 65 page.

31 Reviews

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    Be careful on skin!

    Posted by Natasha Garncarek on 13th Dec 2015

    What a strong scent! I realize I'm not a personal fan of chamomile but my grandmother loved it for her lotion order. I found the first couple times I used it in lotion, I did feel a little bit of irritation but it went away pretty quickly. Definitely might want to see about diluting it before you use for skin products.

    As a suggestion for BA, I think it would be really important to put more detailing on the usage for these. Just in case!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Clean Living on 7th Dec 2015

    I don't normally like lavender chamomile scents, but this scent does not smell like perfume and has a clean, more natural scent. I use it in my handmade soap and only have to use 0.5 ounces a batch. Great product!

  • 5
    Love it!!

    Posted by Lisa on 16th Oct 2015

    Such a beautiful smelling scent!

  • 5

    Posted by Vakiesha Gomez/Costa on 18th May 2015

    I smelled it right out of the bottle, its strong, and odd at first, but you can smell the potential, for a great scent, so I used it in cold process soap and I just cant get enough of this combination of lavender chamomile, its the perfect blend of both...and as it cures the scent remains strong, and is very pleasant. A little, does go a long way..

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    Good smell

    Posted by Patti Kakes on 28th Jun 2013

    Good smell but I guess I was hoping on a bit more Lavender than Chamomile.
    Other than that...really good. I made body wash with it and I can still smell it 3 hours after my shower.

  • 5
    Perfect mixture

    Posted by Lindsey on 25th May 2013

    IMO, this oil has the perfect amount of each fragrance, and they work very well together. Not much is needed, and both fragrances are easily detectable. Very clean, fresh, relaxing scent. I use it often.

  • 5
    Very well balanced

    Posted by Melinda on 28th Apr 2013

    I really like this in my lotions and sugar scrubs, normally lavender is too much for me but the chamomile ads a much needed balance! Thank you, I just wish you would offer some in-between sizes from 2 oz to 1lb is a pretty big jump.

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    Posted by Kenny on 9th Apr 2013

    Too much chamomile. This is a good scent, but a little exhausting. Very very sweet.

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    Lavender Reminds me of Spring

    Posted by Deborah - April 9, 2013 on 9th Apr 2013

    Love the Lavender Oil, really refreshing and clean smell. I am very please to receive the order quick as promised. I will order this again.