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MYO 2oz Candle Liquid Dye

MYO 2oz Candle Liquid Dye
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Our liquid candle dye is the most soluble colorant available, have a high flashpoint, and easily blend with all types of wax to create the most consistent candle color. Keep up with the trends and dye your candles with the best color out there! They are easily mixed to create unique shades and keep your candles the best of the best.

  • Brand: MYO
  • 5x1.5x1.5
  • It's recommended to use a UV Inhibitor with all products containing dyes to preserve color longer.
  • You are also encouraged to test the product to ensure that it meets your needs before using for mass production.
  • We recommend not over-heating dyes in wax. Excessive heat can oxidize the wax (turn it yellow) and have a deteriorating effect on dyes. Most candle makers work at temperatures of 160ºF ~ 180ºF.