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Lovage Root

Lovage Root
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Lovage Root

Botanical Name:

Ligusticum sinense

Lovage root is a native herb found in the Mediterranean region which grows in the mountainous districts of southern France, northern Greece and the Balkans. Previously the Lovage root was grown as an ornamental plant. Till now this root is grown as a sweet herb and is used in various medicinal purposes. The main component used as medicine is the root. Also the leaves and seeds are used for the same reason but at a lesser rate.

The dried leaves of the organic Lovage root slices can be used to prepare an herbal tea with a sweet smelling fragrance.  Also they can be eaten as salads and used as an ingredient in tea as well as decoction.

The herb is not always used directly as a medicinal agent but the food prepared from this has nutritional benefits that keep us healthy and fit.