Frankincense and Rain Fragrance Oil

Frankincense and Rain Fragrance Oil
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Frankincense and Rain Fragrance Oil 

Frankincense and Rain fragrance has been tested for the following applications: Candle Making, Melt and Pour Soap, as well as Personal Care Applications such as Lotion, Shampoo and Liquid Soap, Cold and Hot Process Soap, Phthalate Free

–Please Note – This fragrance may also work in countless other applications.  The uses above are simply those products that we lab tested this fragrance in.  For other uses, it is recommended to test a small amount prior to full scale use. All of our fragrance oils are intended for external use only and should not be ingested under any circumstances.

A clean, fresh rain washes all your troubles away. The top notes of lemon peel, pear, eucalyptus and pine mix subtly with notes of cinnamon, wisteria, jasmine, and clove over a vanilla, cedarwood base note to create this beautiful refreshing and calming blend.

Vanilla Content: 2.3%

Suggested Usage Rates

  • Melt & Pour Soap: 1-1.5%
  • Cold Process Soap: 1-5%
  • Shampoo: 0.5-1.5%
  • Conditioner: 0.25-2%
  • Body Wash: 0.5-1.5%
  • Face Wash: 0.2-1%
  • Bubble Bath: 0.5-1.5%
  • Bath Salts: 0.4-1%
  • Lotion: 0.25-2%
  • Lip Balm: 2-5%
  • Soy Candles: 6-10%


Bulk Apothecary only sells the finest quality ingredients and our Frankincense and Rain fragrance oil is no different.  All of our oils are custom blended by a team of perfumers that are industry veterans with the knowledge and experience to ensure quality and consistency that is unmatched in our opinion.  Furthermore our state of the art facility houses one of the largest stock inventories of fragrance oils in the nation making our signature fragrances available at wholesale pricing to the general public without lengthy lead times. 

Frankincense and Rain Fragrance Oil 


Many people ask us what makes our oils so much different from the competition.  The little known secret is that many large suppliers of fragrances dilute their oils with cheaper carriers to increase their profit margin.  This is often done at the manufacturing level and allows some suppliers to sell their product at prices that are occasionally lower than our wholesale price.  These elevated carrier levels drastically affect product quality and In many cases will force you to use as much as 5-10 times the fragrance oil that you would need with our top quality oils.  Our Frankincense and Rain fragrance oil can typically scent much more product than any other supplier we’ve evaluated.  That’s the Bulk Apothecary difference!


Warning Icon WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including myrcene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to or our Proposition 65 page.

17 Reviews

  • 5
    Great scent, be careful in CP soap

    Posted by Chel on 8th Sep 2021

    This scent smells great, very incense heavy with a hint of petrichor at the end. Heeding the reviews I read I was very cautious when adding this fragrance to my CP soap batch. Upon adding the FO, it turned a little blue which was strange, but I spatula mixed it in gently and then hit it with a few short pulses with the stick blender to mix and reach trace. I was able to reach a nice medium trace this way and pour it into my mold. The soap gelled nicely and the blueish tint became a dark tan discoloration. I would recommend the FO but just be cautious.

  • 3
    Not For Cold Process!

    Posted by Lisa Johnson on 13th Sep 2018

    I love the fragrance, but it seized my batch of cold process. I think it is better suited for lotions and other bath products. It would be nice if Bulk Apothecary would note which fragrance oils accelerate trace!

  • 5
    Granddaughter approved

    Posted by Pat on 23rd Jun 2018

    Had bought this to try and when my youngest granddaughter who was getting ready to leave for college smelled it she wanted me to make her something from it. Her reaction was better than any before. I made her Shea butter soap, lotion and candles from it. It has a wonderful incense smell. Sold quite a lot at a fall bazaar too.

  • 3
    Not for Cold Process Soaps

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Mar 2018

    Love the scent but it seized up in my cold process soap. The soap was so hard and unmoveable, I had an extremely difficult time even spreading it in the loaf pan. Hopefully it will work well with a body butter recipe!

  • 3
    Not for me

    Posted by Vaelkyrja on 10th Feb 2018

    I want to like this. I generally love "rain" scents, but this one has a strong and undeniable scent of cinnamon. I don't get any hint of lemon, pear, or wisteria in here. Just clove, cinnamon, and soap. I have loved almost every scent I've ordered from BA, but this one is not for me.

  • 3
    Smells lovely but accelerated

    Posted by Sarah on 28th Jan 2018

    Love the smell, hint of clove that was very nice.
    In cp soap recipe accelerated and turned a rust color. Going to wait and see if it turns back (just made bars this afternoon). Split this batch in half and other batch with just EOs didn’t acellerate or change color. Soaped at 30% water and room temp.

  • 5

    Posted by Sarah Kincaid on 11th Jan 2018

    This scent is so intoxicating! It is so calming, peaceful and warm, like a fireside snuggle from your loved one. I am so glad I made this choice on a whim, I need to learn how to incorporate this into a body scent!

  • 4
    Accelerated for me

    Posted by Jenn on 8th Oct 2017

    What a beautiful scent - I love it! I'm disappointed that it greatly accelerated my cold process soap & I was barely able to glop the soap into my molds. This was a goat milk recipe with water at 25%. Admittedly, that's a bit low for the water portion; however, I've made several batches of soap at that percentage with no problems. I will use this in other products, but probably not cold process again.

  • 5
    The Most Intoxicating Scent!

    Posted by Christina on 29th Jul 2017

    I am obsessed with this scent! Typically, this wouldn't even be on the spectrum of scents that I would like, but something about this sparks a memory or feeling that I cannot quite put my finger on. We have used this in CP soap and it behaved well. We plan on making a shampoo bar and a body butter with this. Some people identify it as a masculine scent, but I find it to be a unisex scent. LOVE!!