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Fog Killers Anti-Fog Kit

Fog Killers Anti-Fog Kit
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Fog Killers Anti-Fog Kit

Beat the fog with Fog Killers Anti-Fog Spray! Safe for use on all lens types - Eyeglasses, sunglasses, ski and swimming googles, PPE, face shields, ect. Equally as effective for larger applications like mirrors and windows. A must have for people who wear a mask with glasses! Compact and convenient, this combo is a handy solution for fog removal and prevention. Keep it in your car, office, gym bag, glasses case, bathroom, or anywhere else fog build up may be a problem. This kit includes:

  • 1 x 2oz bottle of anti-fog spray with a fine mist sprayer cap
  • 1 x chemical free, environmentally friendly microfiber cloth infused with an anti-fog agent

Direction for use:

Fog Killers Lens Cloth
  1. Remove any granular dust and dirt on the lens before use, so as not to scratch the lens during cleaning and wiping.
  2. After breathing on both sides of the lens, gently wipe the front and back of the lens with the anti-fog lens cloth for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Fold the lens cloth and put it back in the packaging to save it for future use.
Fog Killers Anti-Fog Spray
  1. Clean Lenses with eyeglass cleaner. Wipe dry.
  2. Spray Fog Killers Anti-Fog Spray on both sides of your lenses
  3. Rub Fog Killers evenly over the entire surface.
  4. Allow it to dry on the lenses.
  5. Wipe with a soft cloth until clear (over wiping on application will make the properties of Fog Killers Anti-Fog Spray less effective.)