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Empty Capsules, Vegetarian, Double "00" - 750 Vcaps

Empty Capsules, Vegetarian, Double "00" - 750 Vcaps
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Empty Vcaps® are a new alternative to animal gelatin capsules.  They are composed on inert vegetable cellulose and do not interfere with the digestion and absorption of the ingredients contained within.

Empty capsules allow you to fill your own powders at desired potencies, and avoid tablet binders and fillers.  Buying powdered vitamins and filling your own capsules can save up to 50% off most retail prices.  Our Vcaps® "00", depending on the powder, can hold between 546 - 1092 mg.


Suggested Use: NOW® Foods is an excellent source for unique powdered vitamins, minerals and herbs to fill in empty caps. We have been selling powdered supplements since 1972.  Our powders require no fillers or binders, are lower in cost, and can be mixed for desired potencies.

Free of: yeast, wheat, corn, soy, milk, sugar, starch, preservatives, animal products

1 Review

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    Can't beat Now Quality

    Posted by TJ on 13th Aug 2013

    I was a buyer for a small family owned suppliments company. All now products had the fewest returns. Capsules are pretty much the same reguardless of manufacturer but capsules change size when exposed to air causing them to not fit in capsule machines. I never had a packaging problem with Now. Also they are monitoring radiation exposure as the effects of the Japanese Meltdown are beginning to be felt over here. As a result of their diligence Now and Source Natural are the only suppliment products I will be using as the effects arrive on our doorstep..