Bath Bomb Drying Tray

Bath Bomb Drying Tray
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Bath Bomb Drying Tray


Bath Bomb Drying Tray will fit up to 2-3/8" diameter bath bombs. 

Holds 56 bath bombs per tray.

Tired of flat bottoms? Our bath bomb curing trays are made from extremely durable HDPE plastic. These bath bomb drying trays are a perfect addition to your bath bomb business and will improve the appearance of your finished bath bombs. These bath bomb curing trays were designed to be the same size as a full cookie sheet so that you could use End Load Sheet Pan Rack for vertical storage (sold separately).


26 inches x 18 inches (Same size as a full cookie sheet)
56 cavities 

Please note: These bath bomb curing trays are not dishwasher safe. Please make sure to measure your existing bath bombs to confirm compatibility. Ideal size range is 2 inch to 2-3/8 inch in diameter.