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Unscented Lotion Base Product Ideas

Lotion Base ideas to make your product standout...

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Our customers know how important it is to be ahead of the trends. They know that it is important to stand out from the competition and are doing some truly unique things to our lotion base to create their own custom creations. We have listed a few of these ideas below for your consideration.

-Simply add fragrance oil to our amazing lotion base and have a line of great smelling lotions similar to Bath and Body Works.

-Add Camphor, EMU oil, or capsaicin to our base to create a muscle pain relief product. Just be careful to follow all FDA restrictions.

-Add a peppermint oil and pumice to our unscented lotion base to create a luxurious foot scrub.

-Add anti-aging ingredients to create a wrinkle cream.

-Add designer knockoff fragrance oils such as White Diamonds Fragrance to create your own line of Designer imposter lotions. Currently these types of lotion are not easy to find at retail.

-Market our lotion base as a facial moisturizer

Keep in mind, these are simply a few ideas of how our wonderful unscented lotion base can be marketed.

About our ingredients: