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Sell Wholesale Massage Lotion


Sell wholesale massage lotion to other large massage products companies.  Or go to our Home page to checkout all our great products including unscented bases, plastic bottles, fragrance oils and so much more.

This may sound a little crazy but many of the largest massage brands today are not buying their products as competitively as you would think. Often they started buying their products in very small quantities from a distributor and grew slowly over the years. As their brand grew, the supplier didn't want to cut their margins so the owner of the brand found themselves in a position where they were buying their massage lotion, massage oil or massage cream for way more then they should. Because of this, there is a great opportunity for you to approach some of these brands with some of our great massage products and cut their prices. As one of the larger suppliers of massage lotion, cream and oil in the U.S, we have the economies of scale to supply the big boys, even with you as the middle man. Check out our massage lotion section today.