Sell Wholesale Lip Balm

Idea #3 - Sell bulk lip balm and wholesale lip balm supplier to other companies.

The unique thing with lip balm is that there are companies out their selling it for all different prices. Take us for example. Bulk Apothecary sells blank lip balm for .28 per unit on small quantities and .19 per unit or less for large quantities. Many of our competitors sell the exact same lip balm for as much as .80 per unit. Large branded lip balm companies then retail the same product we sell for as much as 4.99 per tube in some specialty niche markets. That fact is, there are huge mark ups when it comes to the personal care industry. Lip balm may be one of the worst culprits of making huge mark ups. However this creates a great opportunity. Most people are lazy and never search out the best providers of a given product before making their decision. If they are approached by a company with a great price and a great product, they will buy and never look back. Years later they might get the idea to search for a lower cost provider but if you offer your customers great service, they are almost always willing to pay a little more for a product they know and love. Because of this, our customers are able to take our great lip balm and sell it to other lip balm suppliers. Heck, you can even sell to other lip balm manufacturers that simply don't have the economies of scale that Bulk Apothecary has. As one of the largest lip balm manufacturers in the USA, we pretty much dominate the competition. Even our largest competitor can't figure out how we are able to offer such unbelievable products at the prices we do. This creates an incredible opportunity to position yourself as a huge supplier of great lip balm to end users and other lip balm suppliers alike. By sourcing your products from bulk apothecary you will get instant recognition for your unbelievable pricing on great products. For more information on our bulk lip balm go to our lip balm manufacturer page.