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Massage Lotion To Spas

Sell our unscented massage lotion, massage cream and massage oil to spas and massage therapists.

With the economy like it is today companies of all sizes are looking to cut costs to improve their bottom line. Spas and massage therapists are no different. The overwhelming cost of doing business coupled with the lack of demand is making spas all over the country look at every piece of their business and find ways to make the company more profitable. The most obvious place to start is their basic massage products such as lotion, cream or oil. After all, that is their single largest variable expense. Keeping this in mind, Bulk Apothecary has created a line of products that offers spas and massage therapists alike quality products at incredible discounts when compared to some of the more popular brands on the market. Many of these spas are accustomed to paying $50-$100 per gallon or more for their massage lotion, massage cream and massage oils. You will find on our site that we offers these products starting at $13.95/gallon and offer even better pricing for wholesale massage lotion customers looking to resell our products. It is not difficult to see how you can take our simple product line and approach spas in your area, racking up huge profits in the process.